Log Cabin

img/patchwork/7/1_Log Cabin.jpg

That's my very first patchwork, not so easy to make as I thought. The fabric parts are really small for a first work, and the lack of experience and precision in cutting (essential in patchwork) involved differences in measurements which should have been caught up with.
But happy memories nevertheless and then .... "it is my first !".

It measures 165 cms out of 165 cms.

The term "Log Cabin" means in French "Cabanne de rondins". Each basic bloc of this quilt (see the photograph n°2) represents the cabin made of logs in which the pioneers of Far West at the Great time of the Gold Diggers lived. The small central square (always crossed here in the same beige fabric) represents the chimney, central place of life of the family and the pieces of fabrics which surround this "chimney" represent the logs of the walls of the cabanne ; this quilt is a great classic of the Art of Patchwork.

By diversifying the association of the basic blocks, one can obtain a completely different geometrical pattern .
I carried it out in dominant pink and blue so that it is matched with the tone of my living room.