This fourth patchwork is in advance for finale quiltage.

It measures 183 cms out of 155 cms.

I wanted to carry it out because it is comparable with a book which one would read, while being delayed on each 32 different blocks, each one "telling" a small part of history of the Patchwork...

This patch seems to be like a sampling, an exhibition of a very small quantity of the basic traditional locks of the Art of Patchwork. I don't think I would be mistaken be saying that there are more than a hundred different ones. I liked so much its realisation ; no repetition of the same work as in the three other patchworks. The 32 blocks required a different way of exercise, thus that's interesting.

This quilt is intented to be suspended on a rustic corridor wall where the dominant tones are those of autumn and whose motif is completely based on the leaves.

I like the heat which it releases, like the color of sun, or the hot desert sand.

On the photograph joined, this Sampler is thrown on an armchair ; it is not yet quilted.

The final photographs will be added when the work is completed.