This third patchwok was a true delight. Started in December 2002, finished in September 2003. It measures 127 cms out of 127 cms.

This model is straight from the book of Claude Rouvière : "Patchworks, Jeux of Mirrors". Before even finished the experiment of my first Log Cabin, I vowed to carry out this splendid quilt.

I confess that this one is a hit with my family and my friends.

The originality of this patchwork lies on the cutting of the pieces of fabric forming central stars of each basic block. To succeed I used an articulated mirror, which allows a kaleidoscope effect. It is also essential to work on a fabric with braid, like the Provençal fabric.

It is a true pleasure to choose, using the mirror, the place to be cut out on the fabric, in view to obtain then, by bending the parts, the heart of the block (See photographs n°4 and n°5). Once quilted, these hearts arise in relief, causing a superb effect.

The braid which make up the outlines of each star is also cut out in the same way, using the mirror (Photograph n°2), as well as the four corners of the patchwork.

I advise you highly read the book by Claude Rouvière who explains these steps perfectly.

Caution however with the extreme precision of cuttings and orientation of the fabric.

Come on ! Try this work or another suggested by the author. I predict a real pleasure for you....