Les Assiettes de Dresde


Here is my second patchwok : 220 cms out of 220 cms. A large one.... More than one year to work on, but, at this time, without a true assiduity. I stayed a few months without working on it. I would finish it out today in less than one year.

It is a great classic of the 1930's. It represents china plates made in Dresde (Germany).

This patchwork joins together two types of work :
"piécé" (association by the sewing of pieces of fabrics) "appliqué" (fabric sewn by invisible stitches on top of another part) ; it is then all quilted together.

It is a very long work, a laborious task, but a result which I like so much.

Splendid as a bed spread. (See photograph n°5)

The basic block (Photo n°4) consists of a crown of twenty petals sewn together and applied to the green heart even already applied on a beige background. The blocks are then bound together and framed by a band of green fabric.

An edge of quincuncial triangles is added on the circumference.

Then the different parts are quilted together.Here the quilting is important, it is very tight.