It was during a painting on china's exhibition that I have discovered cardboard. I immediatly felt the desire for creating by myself the packages for my works on china.

So I decided to attend some lessons.

That is why, now, in my workshop that is getting shorter, there can be found a space dedicated to cardboard.

It is very exciting to think about the creation of a package which will correspond exactly to the painting work both by its measures and its style.

It is also a pleasure to reflect on the motif paper that will suit it, and to find the special artistic touch of decoration that can transform a simple box into a singular object.

Now I share my time between painting on china, cardboard and patchwork.

My days are more and more reduced !!!!

Considering taht this section of my website is very close to the realms of "do it yourself" and "construction", I dedicate it to my grandson, TENOHA, a half-tahitian born on the fifth of April 2006 on the other side of the earth, more precisely on the heavenly island of Moorea, near Tahiti.

I am free for more information.

Thanks you for your visit.

lucy Frémy Declume.