Patchworks Gallery

It was Jacquie from Albi, a very skilled quilter whom I wish to thank here, who instilled in me my love for quilting. It only took an afternoon with her for me to be endowed with that wonderful passion which I can say I’ve been enjoying practically every evening since, whether I’m at home, on holiday or even travelling in far-away countries.

I love absolutely everything about quilting: the choice of a pattern, of colours, the fineness of a totally hand-made work, among other things… I have not been engaged in this “art” for long, but patchwork has been, for these two short years, a near to daily activity that my evenings simply cannot do without: it soothes and relaxes me as it brings serenity, peace, gentleness, well-being. Just imagine what a nice roaring fire adds to the picture… Wouldn’t that set you up nicely for the night?

Just try it and see…

I dedicate this part of my site to my three children Sébastien, Benjamin et Emilie for these quilts have been created for them. Each stitch by my hand is meant as a gesture of Love towards them. Thousands of stitches represent as many presents to them, for the future, if I am no longer near them.

I know how much all three of them appreciate that work.

I just dream that, one day or another, in the future, if they feel the need to be near me for a moment, all they will need to do is wrap one of my quilts around themselves to feel and remember all the Love I have borne them.

To the three of you...

Photo Lucy - PatchworkThe exhibited quilts you can see in the little gallery are complete. I am in the process of putting the final touch to another two which will join them. They are not for sale, as they have been reserved.

Thanks for your visit. A bientôt, perhaps.

Lucy Frémy-Declume