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It was on a Sunday in March 2002, in a restaurant in the Toulouse region where I was having lunch that I fell in love with porcelain. The tables, dressed in white linen, were remarkably decorated in that they were all adorned with display plates bearing vivid and modern patterns painted on the brim. The different signatures at the backs showed they were hand-made. That’s what first inspired me to make my own service of china.

porcelaine details picture

By the following June, I was in my first porcelain-making class in a town near Toulouse. I kept at it assiduously until June 2004, discovering as I went the nobility of that magnificent support, the superb possibilities of the transparent rendering of colour which confers so much lightness to painting on porcelain. Although a “heavier”, quicker and more modern rendering could also look amazing…

An exhibition I shared with a friend in March 2004 proved a real success. I would like to thank all the people who contributed to that, with special thanks to the “Swing and Dance Orchestra”, the amateur jazz band which animated the party (See Links Page). Many thanks also to all those who came by. The creation of this site, prompted by the encouragements of my children and husband (a jazz musician, although not a professional one, and certainly not a painter!), and a present from the latter, has become a new source of motivation.

photo détails porcelaine

Some of my works are for sale, at your disposal.

I guarantee that my work is entirely hand-made according to the genuine Limoges method, including pigments, medium, turpentine and so on… and firing between 700°C and 900°C depending on the piece. Each item has been fired at least twice, sometimes more. It depends on the desired result.

The resulting piece, therefore, is unique and signed.

I find inspiration in nature, photographs, or the drawings of other, more or less famous artists (mentioned at the back of the item in those instances).

The objects thus painted are dishwasher-proof and can be used in a microwave oven, except for those featuring gold or platinum. Nevertheless I personally find using the dishwasher a bit of a shame.

I get my white china either straight from Limoges whenever I can go there myself, or from “L’Estampille” on Rue d’Astorg in Toulouse city centre where Valery, a true lover of porcelain, offers a great choice of beautiful quality items along with his expertise.

You are welcome to a leisurely browse through this virtual exhibition that comprises the entirety of my early works. You may access one or several detail photographs for each object (Click on the photo to go on the next or on the numbers underneath the picture).

This gallery will regularly be updated according to my workload. You may contact me for any further information.

I do hope that you will enjoy this virtual wander. Thank you for taking the time to linger here a while.

A bientôt, perhaps.

Lucy Frémy-Declume